Mahmoud AbdulMunaf

  • Associate
  • Litigation

Mahmoud is an Associate in litigation department started working with Etihad in 2020, graduated from AlEsraa College and started practicing the attorneyship. He participates in several webinars and workshops related to the non profit organizations, negotiations, monitoring system appraisal in addition to the criminal law of Iraq. He represent client in litigation matters in a wide range of differences. 


  • Represent client in financial claims due to the loss an damages.
  • Represent clients in real estate claims related to the reciprocal payment.
  • Handle personal status claims and lawsuits.
  • Represent clients in financial dues and submit evidences for the payment.
  • Drafting contracts and Banking partnerships for different deals that includes financing between two or more people.
  • Assist in Mergers & benefits on acquisitions and mergers between companies and banks.
  • Represent clients in several litigation matters (civil & criminal, personal status).
  • Advice on taxes laws and its instructions.
  • Advice on the income and imposed taxes on the held contracts with the governmental entities, private or public sectors or individuals.
  • Advice on company registration options in Iraq.
  • Negotiation in litigation claims to reach the option of settlement. 


  • Iraqi Bar Association