Ahmed Hankawi

  • Managing Partner
  • Commercial, Litigation
  • Mob: +964 781 500 1400
  • E:

Ahmed is owner & CEO of group of companies under name of Hinkawi Group Companies and Managing Partner at AlEtihad Law Firm. He has started the business in the law field since 2018 and establish the firm in 2019. Ahmed has been appointed as speaker in several conferences which is held in Iraq such as Nineveh Youth Leaders. He focused as well on the held projects in Mousel region as it’s being his home town by providing legal services as pro bono.

Ahmed has provided legal consultations for local and international companies and he is one of the important in charges in field of Exchange companies to handle its procedures and updates according to CBI instructions. At the current time, Ahmed is taking PHD in the law besides his position at Etihad law firm and the other sister companies of AlEtihad. He has experience in Commercial, Litigation, Banking, Personal Status. He worked also on the criminal cases as a litigator lawyer related to the execution matters to implement the courts’ judgement, debit claim, labour compensations, eviction and  official documents’ correction.

Ahmed is an Official Arbitrator authorized by Geneve For International Arbitration to represent clients before All Arabic and International Arbitration Committees and Courts. He obtained a diploma in the Broadcaster Programs for Training; accordingly, he is providing training courses in the legal and other fields.


He worked and expand his experience as a lawyer and legal advisor for several companies (international and local), representing them in claims, disputes, commercial law and others fields. 


  • Participate as speaker in conferences related to the education field to guide the new generations.
  • Acting in lawsuits related to Personal Status law such as egitimate allotment, divorce, marriage documentations.
  • Represent client in lawsuits before all the Iraqi courts and its levels the criminal and civil, labour and others.
  • Companies’ registeration for local and international clients which is their capital is more than 100 Million IQD.
  • Share sale and transfer for companies starting from drafting contracts to the stage of submission with the Registrar of Companies, General Commission of Taxes and obtain tax clearance letter. 
  • Review contracts and provide legal advices such as agreements of Lease, Partnership.
  • Drafting contracts for employees of energy sector including details about the safety procedures and insurance.
  • Advice on oil, gas, energy and constructions contracts.
  • Advise on WHT for contractors and released from Taxation authorities.
  • Advising on taxes matters such as release the dues, taxes calculations and others.
  • Represent Exchange Money companies as a legal advisor, handle their legal matters with the governmental directorates and Central Bank of Iraq.
  • Acting in sale and purchase of Real Estate, drafting the relevant sale contract, negotiate with the governmental directorates regarding the imposed fines considered as breaching to the law.
  • Provide legal advice regarding the contracts of FIDIC, Banks, Petroleum and Engineering.
  • Advise CMS law firm on advertising online for one of the technology companies.


  • Genève for International Arbitration
  • Iraqi Bar Association
  • Arab Bar Association
  • Iraqi Jurists Union
  • Arab Jurists Union
  • Arab Union for Arbitration and Settlement of Economy and Investment Disputes         
  • Iraqi Engineering Union
  • Arab Engineering Union
  • International Academy for Mediation and Arbitration
  • International Trainer in the Norway Board
  • Trainer in the American institute for education applied