Hussam Hasan

  • Taxes & Social Security expert
  • Expert

Hussam has an experience more than 5 years in the field of the taxes and social security in addition to the export and import licenses procedures. He worked with several companies and joined Al Etihad as an expert assisting in taxes.

He is also experienced with the companies’ registration, conversion and open files for the clients with the relevant directorates.


  • Tax calculations for the companies.
  • Obtain dues of the clients from the governmental oil companies.
  • Tax calculations for the real estate’s purchase and sale.
  • Calculations of the personal income taxes for the managers and employees.
  • Tax clearance issuance after settling the pending issues of the company.
  • Submission of financial statements and negotiate on the imposed fines and calculations.
  • Register companies and its employees with the social security.
  • Obtain coverage letter which confirm that the employees and company are covered.
  • Issue Import and Export licenses and provide them with the updated documents.
  • Working and assisting to find some of the lost files for some reason.
  • Obtain exemptions from taxes as per the applied law for specific contracts.
  • Renewal company file with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Documentation of the purchase, sale and transfer the ownership of the real estates with the taxes authority. 
  • Tax calculations for the held contracts with the government.