Hussam Hasan

Hussam Hasan

Taxes & Social Security expert Taxes


Hussam, a distinguished expert specializing in Taxes and Social Security, brings over 5 years of rich experience to his role. His expertise extends beyond tax matters to encompass the intricate procedures associated with export and import licenses. With a diverse professional background, Hussam has seamlessly integrated into the Al Etihad team, where he serves as a dedicated expert providing invaluable assistance in the realm of taxes.

His proficiency extends to various facets of corporate services, including companies’ registration, conversion processes, and meticulously managing files for clients with relevant directorates. Hussam’s meticulous approach and hands-on experience in these administrative processes showcase his commitment to facilitating seamless operations for clients within the regulatory landscape.

Hussam’s unique blend of expertise in taxes, social security, and corporate services positions him as a versatile professional within Al Etihad, contributing to the firm’s commitment to providing holistic and specialized solutions for its clientele. His commitment to staying abreast of regulatory changes and his proactive approach to client service underscore his significance as a reliable and knowledgeable resource within the realm of taxation and corporate affairs.


  • Tax calculations for the companies.
  • Tax calculations for the held contracts with the government.
  • Obtain dues of the clients from the governmental oil companies.
  • Tax calculations for the real estate’s purchase and sale.
  • Calculations of the personal income taxes for the managers and employees.
  • Tax clearance issuance after settling the pending issues of the company.
  • Submission of financial statements and negotiate on the imposed fines and calculations.
  • Register companies and its employees with the social security.
  • Obtain coverage letter which confirm that the employees and company are covered.
  • Issue Import and Export licenses and provide them with the updated documents.
  • Working and assisting to find some of the lost files for some reason.
  • Obtain exemptions from taxes as per the applied law for specific contracts.
  • Renewal company file with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Documentation of the purchase, sale and transfer the ownership of the real estates with the taxes authority.