Mohammed Hussein

Mohammed Hussein

Associate Litigation

As an Associate in the Litigation Department, Mohammed embodies a blend of legal acumen, strategic thinking, and advocacy skills that make him a valuable asset to the law firm’s litigation team.

In his role, Mohammed is responsible for assisting in all stages of the litigation process, from case intake and initial investigations to trial preparation and courtroom advocacy. He works closely with senior litigators to conduct legal research, draft pleadings and motions, and prepare evidence for trial. Mohammed’s attention to detail and analytical prowess allow him to identify legal issues, formulate persuasive arguments, and develop effective litigation strategies.

As part of his duties, Mohammed also engages in client communication, keeping clients informed about the progress of their cases and advising them on legal options and potential outcomes. He demonstrates empathy and professionalism in his interactions with clients, understanding the emotional and financial stakes involved in litigation matters.

In addition to his work in civil litigation, Mohammed has also been involved in criminal defense cases, where he provided zealous representation to clients facing criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. He worked tirelessly to investigate the facts, analyze legal issues, and develop persuasive defense strategies aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients.


  • Engaged in the legal intricacies of dispute resolution and courtroom proceedings.
  • Conducting legal research, drafting legal documents
  • Supporting senior attorneys in case preparation
  • Attended court hearings, gaining practical insights into courtroom procedures.
  • case analysis, legal drafting, and client interaction.
  • Translate motion and legal opinions to English.
  • Crafting precise and legally sound documentation to support legal proceedings.
  • Providing assistance to firm lawyers during their routine court appearances.


  • Iraqi Bar Association