Abdul Hadi Al Shimary

Abdul Hadi Al Shimary

Partner Corporate Structure, Litigation 
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AbdulHadi, the visionary Founder and Partner of Etihad Law Firm Ltd, is an alumnus of Al Turath University, where he graduated in 2011. His journey in the legal realm commenced as an independent lawyer, navigating the intricate landscapes of Corporate Law, Taxes, and Social Security Departments, as well as representing clients in various courts.


Demonstrating a commitment to public service and broadening his expertise, AbdulHadi later assumed the role of a legal advisor in the HR and Legal Affairs department of the Baghdad Governorate. This pivotal experience not only deepened his understanding of administrative intricacies but also enriched his perspective on legal matters within the public sector.


In a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, AbdulHadi founded Etihad Law Firm Ltd in 2019. As the driving force behind the firm, he has successfully steered it to new heights, establishing a reputation for excellence in providing legal services to both international and local companies. His strategic vision and diverse experience underscore AbdulHadi’s role as a dynamic leader, propelling Etihad Law Firm Ltd to the forefront of the legal landscape.



  • Arrange employee’s contracts, promotions, career ladder, compensation and benefits.
  • Represent clients in administrative lawsuits.
  • Represent clients in matter of real estate, sale and purchase, mortgage and giveaway starting from drafting contracts, agreements to the end.
  • Negotiate with the governmental directorates regarding the imposed fines.
  • Represent clients in Personal Status matters such as legitimate allotment, documentations of divorce and marriage, Guardianship of children and issue legitimate arguments.
  • Rent collection from the lessors, renew the real-estate deed.
  • Draft notice for the beaching matters and serve the same before going to the court.
  • Represent clients in Eviction lawsuits between the lessee and lessor.
  • Companies’ incorporation for international and local clients.
  • Represent clients in shares sale and purchase, complete the clearance from taxes and issue the new documents under the new shareholders.
  • Drafting contracts such lease, Real Estate sale, employment, long term lease.
  • Arrange with client to obtain the rent payment from the lessors, renew the deeds of the property.
  • Acting for clients in different lawsuits such as claims dues, and criminal lawsuits.
  • Obtaining clearance letters from the Social Security and General Commission for Taxes.
  • Review, draft contracts and provide legal advices.
  • Register Trademarks and represent clients in the Intellectual Property lawsuits.
  • Draft employment contracts and represent clients in Labour lawsuits.
  • Assist with the issuance of Import and Export License and IDs for the Iraqi and Foreign Companies.
  • Advise on the custom clearance for the goods and the relevant procedures.


  • Iraqi Bar Association
  • Arab Bar Association
  • International Academy for Arbitration and Mediation
  • Iraqi Jurists Union