In the contemporary landscape, the imperative for arbitration has become undeniable, offering a crucial avenue for resolving disputes stemming from both local and international commercial and investment contracts. Within this intricate framework, companies and individuals grapple with potential financial losses incurred during disputes, making the role of arbitration paramount. Recognizing the significance of swift and fair resolutions, our mission at Etihad extends beyond mere legal representation; we aspire to set a pioneering standard in the realm of international commercial arbitration, both within and beyond the borders of Iraq.


Our Vision and Commitment

At Etihad, our vision is to emerge as a beacon of excellence in international commercial arbitration by fostering collaboration and synergy with esteemed international arbitration centers. We envision a landscape where disputes are not just resolved but where solutions are crafted with strategic precision, mitigating financial losses and upholding the integrity of contractual agreements.

Legislative Development and Regulation

Central to our mission is the proactive planning of policies and programs aimed at the evolution and enhancement of legislation and arbitration rules governing commercial and investment contracts within Iraq. We are dedicated to ensuring that the legal frameworks governing these contracts are not only robust but also aligned with international standards, fostering an environment conducive to fair and efficient dispute resolution.

Capacity Building through Education

Education is a cornerstone of our approach. Etihad is committed to establishing comprehensive training courses in international and commercial arbitration. These courses are designed not only to impart knowledge but also to empower legal practitioners, businesses, and individuals with the skills and insights required for effective participation in arbitration proceedings. Our courses feature certified trainers from renowned academies, ensuring the highest standards of education.

Strategic Collaboration with International Centers

Collaboration is key to success. To achieve our goals, we actively engage in strategic collaboration and cooperation with leading international arbitration centers. By aligning ourselves with global best practices and staying abreast of evolving arbitration trends, we enhance our capabilities to serve as a reliable and innovative partner for clients seeking resolution on the international stage.

Strategic Representation

In arbitration proceedings, strategic representation is key. Our legal team at Etihad excels in presenting compelling cases, utilizing persuasive arguments, and leveraging our expertise to advocate for our clients’ positions effectively.


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