Etihad stands as a formidable legal ally, representing clients across all provinces of Iraq in a spectrum of legal jurisdictions, including Criminal, Commercial, Labour and Administrative law, contractual disputes, Personal status matters, and beyond. Our seasoned lawyers, each with more than 5 years of litigation experience, possess the expertise to navigate and represent clients before Iraqi courts, demonstrating proficiency in diverse legal areas.

The scope of our representation extends to various legal domains, including commercial, employment, contracting, intellectual property, criminal, real estate, and more. We understand the unique intricacies of each case and leverage our technical expertise to advise clients effectively. Etihad’s legal team is not confined to specific jurisdictions; we have the capability to attend all Iraqi courts and governorates, ensuring that our clients receive tailored legal representation wherever they require it.

In litigation, our lawyers draw upon their extensive experience, trusted judgment, and visionary approach to formulate customized strategies for each case. This involves a meticulous assessment of client risks, encompassing legal costs and potential future litigation, with the ultimate goal of reducing the likelihood of protracted legal disputes. We recognize that the success of our clients is paramount, irrespective of the strategic, reputational, or financial significance of the dispute.

Our representation spans a wide array of legal proceedings, including executive procedures, precautionary seizures, issuing warnings, intellectual property disputes, fraud cases, and tax issues. Etihad’s commitment to client success is underscored by our proactive and strategic approach to dispute resolution. We strive not only to navigate the complexities of legal proceedings but also to anticipate, manage, and mitigate risks, ensuring that our clients emerge successful in their legal endeavors.


  • Banking and financial disputes
  • Commercial aviation disputes
  • Cybersecurity and incident response
  • Investigations
  • IT disputes
  • Judicial review
  • Professional negligence
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Sports disputes
  • Supervising solicitor services


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