At Etihad, our approach to tax matters is characterized by a holistic perspective, ensuring that our tax advice is seamlessly integrated into the broader legal and commercial context. With unrivaled expertise and extensive experience in advising on the tax aspects of corporate transactions, we stand out in structuring domestic mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, demergers, and corporate reorganizations. Our proficiency extends to handling the complexities of domestic investments, catering to the diverse needs of funds and financial investor clients.

What sets us apart is our commitment to tackling the most complex and challenging financial transactions. Our tax department operates in synergy with dispute resolution lawyers, bringing a wealth of experience to provide comprehensive legal assistance in relation to taxes. This integrated approach ensures that our clients receive not only tax advice but a rounded and tailored perspective that is realistic and commercially sound.


Moreover, our strategic collaboration with Hinka for Taxes Solutions further enhances our capabilities in tax-related matters. Hinka, as the pioneering company for tax solutions in Iraq, brings over 5 years of valuable experience to the table. This joint venture expands our resources and expertise, allowing us to provide clients with cutting-edge tax advice and solutions that align with the latest developments in tax regulations.

Etihad law firm specializing in tax services in Iraq plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses and individuals in navigating the complex landscape of taxation regulations. Here’s a detailed overview of the services such a firm typically provides:

Tax Consultation and Planning

  • In-depth consultations to understand clients’ financial situations and business structures.
  • Strategic tax planning to optimize financial positions and minimize tax liabilities.
  • Customized advice on compliance with Iraqi tax laws and regulations.

Corporate Tax Services

  • Comprehensive assistance in corporate tax compliance and reporting.
  • Advising on tax implications of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions.
  • Structuring corporate entities for optimal tax efficiency.

Individual Tax Services

  • Personalized tax planning for individuals and expatriates.
  • Guidance on income tax, deductions, and exemptions applicable to individuals.
  • Assistance in navigating international tax obligations.

Tax Dispute Resolution

  • Representing clients in tax audits and investigations.
  • Handling appeals and disputes with tax authorities.
  • Negotiating settlements and resolutions on behalf of clients.

Transfer Pricing Compliance

  • Advising on transfer pricing policies to align with regulatory requirements.
  • Preparing and maintaining transfer pricing documentation.
  • Assisting in dispute resolution related to transfer pricing matters.

International Tax Services

  • Providing guidance on cross-border transactions and international tax planning.
  • Ensuring compliance with double taxation treaties and international tax regulations.
  • Advising on the tax implications of foreign investments and repatriation of profits.

Tax Compliance and Reporting

  • Assisting clients in preparing and filing accurate tax returns.
  • Conducting internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Keeping abreast of changes in tax laws and advising on their implications.

Customized Training Programs

  • Developing and conducting training programs for clients on tax compliance and planning.
  • Keeping clients informed about updates and changes in tax regulations.


Strategic Partnerships

  • Collaborating with other entities, such as financial institutions or accounting firms, to provide holistic financial and tax services.
  • Establishing strategic alliances to enhance the range and depth of tax services offered.

In essence, a law firm specializing in tax services in Iraq serves as a crucial partner in helping clients navigate the intricacies of taxation, ensuring compliance, and strategically optimizing financial positions within the framework of Iraqi tax laws.

·         Direct Tax

·         Annual Tax Returns

·         Withholding Tax Advisory

·         Value Added Tax Advisory

·         Customs Duty Audit Assistance

·         Preparation & Computation of Income & Taxes

·         Assist in avoiding Double Taxation

·         Comprehensive Tax reviews

·         Reporting on the degree of compliance

·         Regulatory Relationships & Advocacy

·         Regulatory Interpretations & Compliance

·         Assist in forming a Liaison/Branch office

·         Tax Audits

·         Income Tax Compliance

·         Indirect Tax

·         Taxes Expenses Advisory

·         Commercial Taxes Assistance

·         Advisory on Taxation Matters

·         Ensure compliance with local & international tax laws

·         Identifying tax efficient options

·         Contingent liability review

·         Assist in obtaining various approvals & Licenses

·         Advisory on Permanent Establishment Registration Regulatory                  compliances with respect to such offices


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