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Etihad is a leading firm in corporate, commercial, taxes, corporate and M&A; and project development transactions based in Iraq. We are committed to being the global most advanced law firm to meet the demands of today’s challenging environment has prompted our growth into new complementary services. The Firm is led by partners Ahmed Hankawi, Abdulhadi AlShimary, the firm employs 25 lawyers and paralegals giving the firm strength and depth across all the sectors it covers.

Etihad stands as a preeminent legal firm with over a decade of expertise in corporate, commercial, taxes, corporate and M&A, and project development transactions within the Iraqi legal landscape. Our unwavering commitment is to be recognized as the world’s most advanced law firm, responding adeptly to the demands of today’s challenging business environment. This commitment has fueled our expansion into innovative and complementary services.

At the helm of our firm are esteemed partners Ahmed Hankawi and Abdulhadi AlShimary, providing strategic leadership and vision. Our team, consisting of 25 skilled lawyers and paralegals, imbues the firm with strength and depth across all sectors we cover.

For more than 10 years, our lawyers and staff have collaborated across diverse practices, industries, and jurisdictions, offering clients straightforward and actionable solutions to navigate their most intricate legal and business challenges. Our client relationships are bolstered by intellectual agility, commercial acumen, and a human touch, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to every case.

Embracing cutting-edge developments, Etihad provides advanced technology, resourcing, and end-to-end solutions. We leverage innovative legal tech methods, delivering legal services in flexible ways to maximize efficiency. Additionally, we offer specialist consulting and strategic advisory services, aiming to fortify organizations with strength and integrity.


In essence, Etihad not only excels in traditional legal practice but also thrives as a dynamic and forward-thinking institution, equipped to meet the evolving needs of clients in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Etihad Law Firm is now listed on Legal 500 which is one of the adopted entities for law firms directory for International and MENA regions


Iraq Britain Business Council
Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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