Personal status

Personal status stands as a defining set of characteristics intricately woven into an individual’s legal identity, determining their place in society from birth to death. In Iraq, personal status law holds a pivotal role in shaping and governing crucial aspects of an individual’s life. This encompasses a myriad of significant matters, including marriages, separations, guardianship, and succession.

The scope of personal status law extends its reach, ensuring a comprehensive legal framework that encapsulates the entire spectrum of an individual’s existence. The intertwining of personal status laws and family law creates a cohesive legal tapestry that not only safeguards individual rights but also harmonizes the intricacies of familial relationships.

Within the realm of personal status law, marriages are regulated, ensuring legal recognition and protection for spouses. Separation matters are addressed with legal precision, providing a framework for dissolution when necessary. Guardianship issues, crucial for the welfare of minors, are carefully defined and adjudicated under these laws. Additionally, the laws governing succession play a pivotal role in shaping the transfer of rights and responsibilities from one generation to the next.

  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Preparing and filing marriage registration documents
  • Filing divorce procedures and other matters related to it such as child support, alimony, etc.
  • Will and Inheritance: If you have assets and money in Iraq, which you wish to divide, or donate as per your wishes, registering a Will can be a wise decision. Irrespective of your residential or religious status in Iraq.
  • Division of assets
  • Appointment of guardian for the children


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