Dr. Ahmed Al Badri

Dr. Ahmed Al Badri

Senior Counselor

Ahmed, a distinguished scholar, holds a Ph.D. in Law Philosophy from Am Nahrian University, reflecting his deep academic commitment to the field. His professional journey has been marked by years of invaluable service within various governmental sectors, where he seamlessly navigated administrative, legal, and judicial roles. His remarkable trajectory culminated in his appointment as the Legal Counselor for the Contracts Department, specializing in legislative policies within a department closely associated with the Iraqi Cabinet.

In a testament to his leadership and expertise, Ahmed assumed the pivotal role of Manager of the Contracts & Investments Department in one of Iraq’s key ministries. In this capacity, he orchestrated and directed the intricacies of contractual and investment matters, contributing significantly to the strategic initiatives of the ministry.

Ahmed’s multifaceted experience and comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies make him an invaluable asset. His journey from academic excellence to impactful roles in governmental sectors underscores his commitment to the highest standards of legal scholarship and practical application, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished legal professional and advisor.


  • Advice on oil and gas contracts.
  • Review and draft joint ventures agreements.
  • Advice on matters related to real estates.
  • Advice on investment and the governmental contracts.
  • Consultation of Governance of Iraqi legislation.
  • Assist clients with the plan of the employees salaries and the related laws to employment.
  • Advice on the administrative decisions for the medical matters.
  • Advice on HR policies, contracts, employee handbooks and disciplinary penalties.
  • Prepare the contracts for the educational institutions for the students and employees.


Further, he wrote a lot of books, researches, articles, Literature such as but not limited to:

  • The law system is for country funds
  • Administrative investigation and defense investigation guarantees
  • The contract is Shariaa contractors
  • The legal system for opening and analyzing bids and tenders
  • The impact of the emergency on expanding the powers of the executive authority
  • Principles of administrative investigation and its guarantee
  • Criminal liability in electronic crimes
  • Challenging the constitutionality of laws before the Federal Supreme Court