Dr. Ali Abdulla

Dr. Ali Abdulla

Senior Counselor


Ali, a seasoned senior counselor at Etihad Law Firm Ltd, brings over a decade of extensive experience in Iraqi law to his distinguished role. Armed with a Ph.D. in law, Ali stands as a beacon of legal expertise and academic achievement within the firm.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ali has consistently demonstrated his mastery in providing clients with strategic legal consultations across a broad spectrum of fields. His proficiency encompasses corporate law, tax matters, litigation, and the intricacies surrounding acquisitions and mergers. Clients benefit not only from Ali’s wealth of practical experience but also from the depth of his academic knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced approach to addressing their legal needs.

Ali’s tenure as a senior counselor exemplifies a commitment to excellence, and his track record reflects a dedication to delivering tailored legal solutions that align with the dynamic and evolving landscape of Iraqi law. His role is instrumental in solidifying Al Etihad Law Firm Ltd’s reputation for providing sophisticated and reliable legal counsel to clients navigating diverse legal challenges.


  • Represent the banks, individuals & families who have become a victim of different financial and banking scams including cheque cases like fake cheque or cheque check that are dealt by cheque bounce lawyers.
  • Islamic finance: working for a number of different Islamic banking institutions by recommending terms from the endowment and licensing to documentation and structuring.
  • Drafting contracts and Banking partnerships for different deals that includes financing between two or more people.
  • Support Mergers & benefits on acquisitions and mergers between companies and banks.
  • Protection against banking litigation: defending clients who became a victim of banking litigations due to matters with bank loans, fraud claims.
  • Survey for the economic projects (small and middle).
  • Arab jurisprudence and national studies.
  • Represent clients in several litigation matters (civil & criminal, personal status).
  • Advice on taxes laws and its instructions.
  • Advice on the income and imposed taxes on the held contracts with the governmental entities, private or public sectors or individuals.
  • Advice on company registration options in Iraq.



  • Survey & Questionnaire/ Examine and analyze forged documents/ Import & export of the vehicles and its numbering.