Ali Abdulqader

Ali Abdulqader

Associate Litigation



Ali graduated from AlRafidain University, marked the inception of his legal journey in 2021. Commencing as an independent lawyer, he adeptly handled a spectrum of civil and criminal cases, showcasing his versatility in the legal domain. Recognizing his potential, Ali became in addition to Etihad Law Firm in 2023, assuming the role of an associate within the litigation department. This transition not only underscores his commitment to professional growth but also positions him as a vital asset within a dynamic legal environment, contributing to the firm’s prowess in litigation matters of the firm.



  • Represent clients in non objection matters
  • Represent clients in claims and dues matters
  • Represent lessee in evictions matter
  • Handle personal status cases
  • Represent clients in legitimate cases
  • Verify and certify documentation of the marriage, divorce
  • Represent clients in child custody lawsuit
  • Represent clients in criminal and civil cases



  • Iraqi Bar Association