Ali Abdulqader

Ali Abdulqader

Associate Litigation

Ali demonstrated his proficiency by successfully handling a wide range of civil and criminal cases, showcasing his versatility and competence in various legal matters.

In 2023, recognizing Ali’s potential, Etihad Law Firm welcomed him aboard, appointing him as an associate within the litigation department. This transition signifies not only Ali’s commitment to continuous professional development but also highlights his significance as a valuable asset within the firm’s dynamic legal landscape. In his role as an associate, Ali contributes significantly to the firm’s prowess in handling litigation matters, bringing his expertise and dedication to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

As an independent lawyer prior to joining Etihad Law Firm, Ali gained invaluable experience by handling a diverse array of civil and criminal cases in Iraqi courts. His experience ranged from representing clients in civil disputes such as contract breaches, property disputes, and employment issues, to defending individuals facing criminal charges. He honed his skills in drafting legal documents, presenting arguments in court, and negotiating settlements on behalf of his clients.

Whether handling contentious commercial disputes, criminal defense cases, or representing clients in administrative proceedings, Ali’s adeptness in advocating for his clients’ interests and achieving favorable outcomes has been consistently demonstrated.


  • Represent clients in non objection matters
  • Represent clients in claims and dues matters
  • Represent lessee in evictions matter
  • Handle personal status cases
  • Represent clients in legitimate cases
  • Verify and certify documentation of the marriage, divorce
  • Represent clients in child custody lawsuit
  • Represent clients in criminal and civil cases


  • Iraqi Bar Association