Baghdad Chamber of Commerce

Baghdad Chamber of Commerce – غرفة تجارة بغداد organized an economic scientific workshop on “#tasks of the private sector in light of the prospects of the new #government_program” in cooperation with the National Office for Consulting and Training. The program included lectures, starting with a speech by Chamber President Firas Al-Hamdani, followed by a speech from the Chairman of the Academic Advisors Board, Dr. Lebanon Hatif, who also chairs the board of directors of the National Consulting Office. The discussion was followed by the session moderated by the advisor at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Dr. Ikram Abdel, and the economic research entitled “The role of the private sector in economic development trends and paths responsive to national priorities in the government program,” presented by the economist Dr. Jaafar Al-Waeli. The workshop concluded with comments by Professor Dr. Faleh Al-Zubaidi and Professor Dr. Hamdiya Shaker.

The main objective of this workshop is to encourage the private sector by rely on its imports, and achieve a balance in total and partial demand, especially in the field of industry, and the importance of providing industrial land by the government to encourage the foreigner and local investors, in addition to transforming the private sector into a productive and pioneering sector, #Etihad had a role in attending and participating in this workshop.