Dr. Bassam Majeed

Dr. Bassam Majeed

Senior Counselor


Bassam stands as a senior counselor at Al Etihad Law Firm Ltd, boasting a distinguished academic background with a Ph.D. in Private Laws/Civil Law, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in English Language. His extensive expertise and academic qualifications position him as a prominent figure in the legal landscape.

With a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies, Bassam has played a pivotal role in providing clients with insightful legal consultations across diverse domains. His areas of proficiency span corporate law, taxation, litigation, as well as the complexities surrounding acquisitions and mergers. As a seasoned legal professional, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that clients receive strategic and well-informed guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Bassam’s commitment to excellence, combined with his diverse skill set, underscores his significance as a senior counselor, contributing significantly to the success and reputation of Al Etihad Law Firm Ltd. His unique blend of academic prowess and practical experience makes him a trusted advisor in navigating the complex legal landscape, fostering positive outcomes for the firm’s clientele.


  • Represent the banks, individuals & families who have become a victim of different financial and banking scams including cheque cases like fake cheque or cheque check that are dealt by cheque.
  • Islamic finance: working for a number of different Islamic banking institutions by recommending terms from the endowment and licensing to documentation and structuring.
  • Drafting contracts and Banking partnerships for different deals that includes financing between two or more people.
  • Support Mergers & benefits on acquisitions and mergers between companies and banks.
  • Protection against banking litigation: defending clients who became a victim of banking litigations due to matters with bank loans, fraud claims.
  • Survey for the economic projects (small and middle).
  • Arab jurisprudence and national studies.
  • Represent clients in several litigation matters (civil & criminal, personal status).
  • Advice on taxes laws and its instructions.


  • Survey & Questionnaire
  • Examine and analyze forged documents
  • Import & export of the vehicles and its numbering.


  • Iraqi Bar Association