TXF Global 2024 – Exile Group

For the first time, Iraq participated in the TXFGlobal2024 conference in Athens, represented by the Technical Advisor to the Prime Minister, Engineer Mohamed Sahib Al-Daraji, and the Secretary of the Sovereign_Guarantee Committee in the Iraqi_Cabinet, Engineer Haider Qasim. This official participation reflects Iraq‘s progress and growing interest in the global financial scene.

We are proud to announce that Etihad Law Firm was the first Iraqi law firm to participate in this prestigious conference, represented by Managing Partner Ahmed Al Hankawi This participation marks a significant step towards enhancing Iraq’s role in the global economy and expanding the firm’s international network.

The conference is one of the largest and most important financial events globally, featuring annual participation from leading international banks, export credit agencies, and major global corporations. It provides a unique platform for exchanging ideas, sharing expertise, and exploring business and investment opportunities.

During the conference, Etihad Law Firm held continuous meetings over the two days with major global companies, reflecting the firm’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and partnerships. The results of these meetings will be announced progressively following the signing of memoranda of understanding and partnerships, promising new and exciting prospects for future cooperation.