Hamza Jalal

Hamza Jalal

Associate Social Security/Residency 




  • Register companies and its employees with social security.
  • Add & remove employees from company’s social security file.
  • Arrange for inspection visit to company’s location and obtain clearance letter.
  • Verifying payroll information for monthly changes (new hires/leavers).
  • Commenting and advising on the best way to report for SSPC.
  • Filling out monthly SSPC form.
  • Update social security with foreigners and exempt them from registration in Iraq who they are already registered in social security in their countries.
  • Assisting with inspections of the Pension and Social Security Office.
  • Prepare and arrange for serving legal notices to be certified b Notary Public.
  • Obtain entry, residence visas and work permits for expat foreign workers.
  • Obtain approval of Department of Labor and Vocational Training for foreigners’ work permit.
  • Follow up with the ministry of interior Arrange for visa entry one time or multi entries.



  • Iraqi Bar Association