Hamza Jalal

Hamza Jalal

Associate Social Security/Residency 

Hamza as an associate specializing in corporate structure within a prestigious law firm in Iraq underscores his pivotal contribution to the realm of corporate law and business development in the country. With a blend of legal expertise, strategic insight, and a deep understanding of corporate dynamics, Hamza plays a crucial role in guiding clients through the complexities of corporate structuring and governance.

His expertise in corporate structure extends to his proficiency in handling company change activities, including mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring, reflecting his versatility and strategic acumen in navigating complex corporate transactions. Hamza guides clients through the intricacies of company change activities, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and optimizing business outcomes.

Hamza is actively engaged in addressing issues related to the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. Leveraging his knowledge of local regulations and his network within the business community, Hamza assists clients in navigating regulatory requirements and resolving challenges that may arise in their interactions with the Chamber of Commerce to facilitating membership applications to addressing compliance issues, Hamza’s proactive approach and attention to detail ensure that clients can navigate the regulatory landscape effectively and achieve their business objectives.

Hamza’s experience in company change activities and his engagement with the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce exemplify his comprehensive understanding of corporate dynamics and his commitment to providing strategic counsel that adds value to clients’ businesses. His dedication to excellence and his ability to navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks make him a trusted advisor in corporate matters within the Iraqi business community.


  • Register companies and its employees with social security.
  • Add & remove employees from company’s social security file.
  • Arrange for inspection visit to company’s location and obtain clearance letter.
  • Verifying payroll information for monthly changes (new hires/leavers).
  • Commenting and advising on the best way to report for SSPC.
  • Filling out monthly SSPC form.
  • Update social security with foreigners and exempt them from registration in Iraq who they are already registered in social security in their countries.
  • Assisting with inspections of the Pension and Social Security Office.
  • Prepare and arrange for serving legal notices to be certified b Notary Public.
  • Obtain entry, residence visas and work permits for expat foreign workers.
  • Obtain approval of Department of Labor and Vocational Training for foreigners’ work permit.
  • Follow up with the ministry of interior Arrange for visa entry one time or multi entries.


  • Iraqi Bar Association