Haydar Ihsan

Haydar Ihsan

Associate Litigation, Security Companies

Haydar’s role as an Associate in the Litigation Department, with a focus on personal status and security companies, involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses both legal representation and administrative procedures.

One significant aspect of Haydar’s experience is his involvement in personal status litigation, where he represents clients in legal matters such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance disputes. He works closely with individuals and families to understand their legal rights and obligations under Iraqi personal status laws, providing them with compassionate and effective legal representation throughout the litigation process. Haydar’s expertise in personal status law allows him to navigate the complexities of family disputes with sensitivity and professionalism, striving to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients while upholding their legal rights.

Haydar plays a crucial role in assisting security companies in navigating the legal requirements for corporate documentation and licenses from the Ministry of Interior. He advises these companies on the necessary steps and procedures for obtaining licenses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and legal formalities. Haydar assists in the preparation and submission of required documentation, liaises with government authorities on behalf of clients, and addresses any inquiries or challenges that may arise during the application process. His meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of regulatory frameworks help streamline the process and expedite the issuance of licenses for security companies, enabling them to operate legally and effectively in Iraq.

  • Assists security companies in obtaining corporate documentation and licenses from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Advises on regulatory requirements, prepares and submits required documentation, and liaises with government authorities.
  • Represents security companies in litigation matters, such as criminal and investigation matters with the police stations
  • Utilizes his expertise in corporate law and litigation strategies to advocate for clients’ interests in court proceedings, arbitration, or settlement negotiations.