Mohammed Rafea

Mohammed Rafea

Associate, Head of Legal Affairs  Litigation

Mohammed, a distinguished graduate of AlMustansriya University in 2018, commenced his professional journey as an Associate at a reputable Iraqi law firm. Specializing in corporate and commercial law, he adeptly managed diverse responsibilities, including overseeing registration processes and providing comprehensive legal opinions across various sectors. His role extended beyond the corporate realm, as he also offered valuable counsel on personal legal matters. In 2021, leveraging his multifaceted legal expertise, Mohammed embarked on a new chapter by joining Etihad, where he continues to contribute his seasoned insights and legal acumen to navigate complex challenges and facilitate strategic decision-making within the organization.

In the capacity of Head of Legal Affairs, the Associate takes on responsibilities that extend beyond traditional legal roles. he handled with overseeing and managing the legal department, providing guidance to junior lawyers, and collaborating with other departments to align legal strategies with broader business objectives. His role is not merely reactive but proactive, anticipating legal issues and developing comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks.

Mohammed serves as a key liaison between the legal team and senior management, offering insightful legal counsel that considers both the legal landscape and the overall business strategy. He possess not only a deep understanding of the law but also a strategic mindset, enabling them to contribute to the organization’s growth and success.


  • Represent clients in criminal cases related to complaints, ban orders.
  • Advise on contractual breach settlement
  • Advise on termination of the employees and waiver signing.
  • Advise on civil cases and the expected results for success.
  • Represent clients in IP infringements, serve notice and take the necessary procedures
  • Represent clients in labour claims.
  • Advise on technology matter as per the Iraqi laws.
  • Represent clients in negotiations with the governmental directorate.
  • Advise on discipline penalty of employees.
  • Draft partnership and franchise agreements and specify the obligations and rights of each party.
  • Provide clients with CMC procedures to establish a channel in Iraq.
  • Companies’ registration in Iraq.


  • Iraqi Bar Association