Saja Sabah

Saja Sabah

Associate Corporate Structure


Saja joined Etihad law firm with Corporate team in 2023, plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless operations by contributing to the registration processes and providing diligent daily follow-up with the Registrar of Companies. Her responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of corporate activities, including but not limited to company structuring and overseeing a diverse array of commercial transactions.


In the realm of company structuring, Saja demonstrates her expertise by navigating through intricate procedures, ensuring that businesses are registered and structured efficiently. Furthermore, she actively engages in the orchestration of various commercial transactions, showcasing versatility in her role.



  • Draft minutes of meeting, article of association
  • Daily follow up with the Registrar of companies
  • Arrange with the Notary Public to issue PoA
  • Handle matter for increasing the capital of the company
  • Handle matters related to share transfer till
  • Follow up with the Registrar for issuing clearance letters addressed to specific directorates
  • Update companies’ files with the Registrar



  • Iraqi Bar Association