Sarah Mohammed

Sarah Mohammed

Senior Counsel Commercial

Sarah is a dedicated professional committed to facilitating clients through the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions, as well as a wide array of corporate affairs, catering to both national and international entities in achieving their strategic business objectives. Her practice is notably focused on guiding clients through cross-border transactions, orchestrating initial public offerings, ensuring robust corporate governance structures, and negotiating complex commercial agreements.

Beyond her core areas of expertise, Sarah brings a wealth of experience across various facets of the legal landscape. She boasts a proven track record in navigating financial regulatory frameworks, facilitating transactions within debt capital markets, advising on intricate banking and finance matters, structuring project finance deals, handling real estate transactions, and representing clients in litigation proceedings. This multifaceted background empowers Sarah to deliver comprehensive legal guidance that spans across numerous critical practice areas within the firm.

Sarah’s profound legal acumen is further enhanced by her profound understanding of the business environment specific to Iraq. Her extensive experience has supported her reputation as a reliable and respected advisor within the local business community, where she is valued for her insightful counsel and strategic guidance.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Sarah plays a key role in guiding clients through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other strategic transactions. She assists in structuring deals, conducting due diligence, negotiating terms, and navigating regulatory requirements to ensure successful outcomes for her clients.

Corporate Governance: Sarah provides guidance on corporate governance matters, ensuring that clients adhere to legal and regulatory requirements and best practices. She assists in drafting corporate policies, structuring board governance, and implementing compliance programs to mitigate risks and promote transparency and accountability.

Commercial Agreements: Sarah assists clients in negotiating and drafting a variety of commercial agreements, including joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and supply chain contracts. She helps clients achieve their business objectives while minimizing legal risks and ensuring enforceability of contractual terms.

Financial Regulation and Compliance: Sarah advises clients on financial regulatory matters, including compliance with securities laws, banking regulations, and anti-corruption laws. She helps clients navigate regulatory requirements and develop compliance strategies to mitigate regulatory risks and ensure legal compliance.