Shayma Hatem

Shayma Hatem

(+964) 780 870 8090

Shayma is partner joined Etihad on 2024, with over a decade of dedicated service in the realms of management and administration, I have seamlessly navigated the intricacies of both on-site and remote work environments. This tenure as an office manager has bestowed upon me a profound understanding of effective employee management, wherein I prioritize tailoring my approach to each individual’s unique personality and strengths, ensuring a harmonious and productive work atmosphere.

My adeptness extends beyond day-to-day operations; I excel in crafting high-level reports, engaging in impactful meetings with authorities, and possessing a keen negotiation prowess crucial for fostering strong client and stakeholder relationships. Strategic planning is a cornerstone of my approach, and I understand the significance of not only devising robust strategies but also seamlessly implementing them with the support of the right team.

In addition to my management expertise, I bring a distinctive legal background in Iraqi corporate law, taxes, social security, and other pertinent domains. This legal acumen positions me as a valuable asset in providing insightful guidance on company governance. I specialized in offering legal advice tailored to specific situations, meticulously reviewing contracts and agreements, and providing accurate legal translations when needed.

In essence, my multifaceted skill set encompasses not only the nuances of effective management and strategic leadership but also a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies, making me a well-rounded professional equipped to guide and elevate your organization.

Management Expertise

·         Strategic Planning

·         Financial Oversight

·         Property Management

·         Business Development

·         Event Coordination

·         Legal Compliance

·         Market Expansion

·         Performance Metrics

·         Financial Management

·         Human Resources Development


Marketing Expertise

·         Media Oversight

·         Content Curation

·         Data Management

·         Proposal and Tender Expertise

·         Client Engagement

·         News Analysis

·         Profile Development

·         Social Media Management

·         Business Expansion

·         Marketing Strategy

·         Market Research

·         Tender Booklet Preparation


General Expertise

•         Management and Database Administration

•         Logistics Coordination

•         Financial Expertise

•         Strategic Marketing

•         Content Creation

•         Media Supervision

•         Supply Chain Management

•         Team Supervision

•         Procedural Implementation

•         Employee Onboarding

•         Health and Safety Compliance

•         Government Identification Acquisition

·         Legal Document Drafting

·         Business Proposal Expertise

·         Vendor and Supplier Management

·         Training and Development