Taha Hasan

Taha Hasan

Senior Counsel Intellectual Property

As a Senior Counsel in IP Department, Taha Hasan plays a pivotal role in providing strategic legal counsel and support in matters related to intellectual property rights and protection. His expertise lies in safeguarding clients’ valuable intellectual assets and navigating the complex landscape of IP law.

In his role, Taha assists clients in the acquisition, registration, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. He conducts thorough trademark searches and assessments to ensure the availability and registrability of trademarks, and oversees the preparation and filing of trademark applications. Taha also provides guidance on patent prosecution, helping clients secure patent protection for their inventions through the drafting and filing of patent applications.

He conducts IP audits to identify potential infringement issues and devises strategies for enforcing clients’ rights against infringers. Taha also advises clients on IP litigation matters, including infringement disputes, opposition proceedings, and domain name disputes, representing their interests in negotiations, administrative proceedings, and litigation when necessary.

Furthermore, Taha stays abreast of the latest developments and trends in IP law and provides proactive advice to clients on emerging issues and opportunities. He educates clients on best practices for IP protection and enforcement, conducts training sessions for internal stakeholders, and develops IP policies and procedures to ensure comprehensive IP management and compliance within organizations.

Trademarks: Taha specializes in advising clients on trademark matters, including trademark clearance searches, registration, and enforcement. He helps clients identify and protect their brands by conducting comprehensive trademark searches to ensure availability and overseeing the preparation and filing of trademark applications.

Patents: Taha provides counsel on patent-related issues, including patentability assessments, patent drafting, and patent prosecution. He works with clients to assess the patentability of inventions, draft patent specifications, and navigate the patent application process before relevant patent offices.

Copyrights: Taha offers guidance on copyright protection and enforcement, helping clients safeguard their creative works from unauthorized use or reproduction. He advises on copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement strategies, ensuring that clients’ copyrights are adequately protected and enforced in accordance with applicable laws.

IP Licensing and Commercialization: Taha advises clients on IP licensing and commercialization matters, including drafting and negotiating license agreements, assignment agreements, and technology transfer agreements. He helps clients monetize their intellectual property assets through strategic licensing arrangements and partnerships, maximizing the value of their IP portfolios.

IP Enforcement and Litigation: Taha assists clients in enforcing their intellectual property rights and defending against infringement claims. He advises on enforcement strategies, conducts IP audits to identify potential infringements, and represents clients in IP litigation proceedings, including infringement disputes, opposition proceedings, and domain name disputes.