Younis Ahmed 

Younis Ahmed 

Associate Litigation


Younis, a seasoned Associate at Al Etihad Law Firm Ltd, brings an impressive wealth of experience, amassing over a decade of expertise in the nuanced landscape of Iraqi law. His extensive tenure in the legal field underscores his dedication to delivering comprehensive and strategic legal solutions. Younis has been a stalwart advisor, offering invaluable legal consultations across a spectrum of fields including corporate law, taxation, litigation, acquisitions, and mergers. His multifaceted experience positions him as a trusted resource for clients seeking adept guidance in navigating the intricate legal terrain.

As a legal professional with a profound understanding of diverse legal domains, Younis has consistently demonstrated his commitment to ensuring the success of his clients. His role as an Associate reflects not only his deep legal acumen but also his dedication to providing tailored and effective legal strategies that align with the dynamic needs of businesses operating within the Iraqi legal framework. In essence, Younis stands as a reliable and seasoned professional within Al Etihad Law Firm Ltd, contributing significantly to the firm’s reputation for excellence in legal counsel.



  • Represent clients in civil and criminal matters specially the ones with the investigation of the police station.
  • Represent clients in labour and financial claims.
  • Handle taxes matters starting from registration to taxes calculations.
  • Register and delete employees form the social security.
  • Handle the termination process for the employees until signing of waiver and settlement letter.
  • Handle the issuance of visa one or multi entry, work permit and follow up with the ministries regarding the approvals.
  • Issue work permit for the workers with the Vocational Training Department.
  • Complete the issues of vehicles whether attachment or imported.
  • Settle the violation status of the companies with the social security.
  • Draft letters to bring workers from outside Iraq and submit with the relevant authority.



  • Iraqi Bar Association