Ibtissam Hameed

 Ibtissam Hameed

Senior Counselor


Ibtissam, a seasoned legal professional, joined Etihad in 2019 as a senior counsel in the corporate commercial department. Her impressive career in the field of law spans over three decades, commencing in 1989.


In her earlier roles, she served as an assistant legal counsel for Iraqi banks, where she adeptly managed the internal and external relationship sections, human resources, and the legal department. Recognizing her exceptional skills, she was subsequently appointed Deputy General Manager of AlRasheed Bank. In this elevated position, she not only managed the legal department but also assumed the responsibility of being a board member, contributing significantly to the strategic decisions of the bank.


Ibtissam’s extensive legal experience is underscored by her remarkable 25-year tenure representing banks in various legal matters before the courts. Her expertise has been officially recognized, as she holds a legal expert license granted by the Iraqi courts.


Demonstrating a commitment to continuous professional development, Ibtissam has actively participated in numerous legal and banking courses, both within Iraq and abroad. Her pursuit of knowledge has taken her to countries such as Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Lebanon, and Bahrain. Ibtissam’s wealth of experience, combined with her ongoing commitment to learning, positions her as a valuable asset to Etihad and a respected figure in the legal and banking communities, both in Iraq and beyond.


Ibtissam has played a pivotal role as the head or member in various committees, showcasing her leadership and collaborative capabilities. Her involvement in these committees underscores her commitment to contributing to organizational objectives and fostering cooperation among team members. The committees she has been associated with include:


  • Head of Loans and facilitation committee
  • Member in below committees:
  • Investment Committee
  • Committee for preparing the corporate governance guide for banks.
  • Steering Committee for the Comprehensive System Project
  • Central Committee for Review and Approval of the referred Contracts
  • Permanent technical committee responsible for restructuring affairs at the bank
  • Committee for reviewing and unifying instructions for cars’ loans.
  • Committee to determine the specifications and qualifications of the staff required to be appointed
  • Committee for receiving and following up on Ernst & Young’s contract to provide audit services and assign work related to the transition to applying the financial standards and procedures
  • Emergency Committee
  • Committee for citizens’ housing loans
  • Committee studying the preparation of proposals to amend employee salaries
  • Bid analysis and submission committee
  • Committee for analyzing and submitting bids for installing and operating the SWIFT system.
  • Representative of the department’s liaison with representatives of Ernst & Young.

Ibtissam actively contributed her expertise as a member in various key capacities, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to organizational objectives. Her roles as a committee member include:

  • AlRasheed Bank/General Assembly of the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company / mixed shareholding
  • Committee to conduct the appropriate examination for the nominated person to occupy the position of general managers and their deputies for the private banks operating in Iraq
  • Preparing the necessary recommendations regarding the lawsuits’ risks against filed in the Iraqi side abroad and what is required by the phase following the lifting of immunity on Iraqi funds.